Fall Bucket List

What better way to kick off October than sharing my Fall Bucket List ? Every year, every season, I try not to indulge too early. If it were considered normal to put your Halloween decorations up moments after Labor Day, I would do it. Unfortunately, it’s not and so I hold my horses as best I can.

BUT, it’s officially October, which means it’s no longer too early for anything involving pumpkins.

In no particular order, I present to you my Fall 2017 Bucket List:

  1. Go apple/pumpkin picking
  2. Carve a pumpkin
  3. Go on a hayride (NOT HAUNTED)
  4. Bake a “Bloomin’ Apple”
  5. Participate in a “Trunk or Treat”
  6. Make caramel apples
  7. Try a “Hot Toddy”
  8. Buy a pink wig
  9. Have a bonfire/campfire
  10. Scare someone (and get it on video)

I know this isn’t really hard-hitting stuff here, but every year a lot of these things get put on the back burner and before I know it, BOOM! It’s December, the apples are dead, the pumpkins have rotted and I NEVER GOT TO GO ON THAT HAYRIDE ! So, my goal is to get the whole list done by Thanksgiving. Let Autumn ring.