Update on my Fall Bucket List !

Okay, so once Fall hit, I shared my 2017 Fall Bucket List and I could not wait to get started on it. I said I wanted it done by Thanksgiving, so I’ve got two weeks left to wrap this up! Let’s see how many I’ve crossed off the list so far.

  1. Go apple/pumpkin picking
  2. Carve a pumpkin
  3. Go on a hayride (NOT HAUNTED)
  4. Bake a “Bloomin’ Apple”
  5. Participate in a “Trunk or Treat” N/A
  6. Make caramel apples
  7. Try a “Hot Toddy”
  8. Buy a pink wig
  9. Have a bonfire/campfire
  10. Scare someone (and get it on video)

Okay, so I got a little more than half done, not bad! But, seeing as Halloween has passed, unfortunately a “Trunk or Treat” is no longer an option, so we’re going to have to roll that over. I had to work that weekend and also could not afford to buy all that candy.

Although my boyfriend and I picked a couple pumpkins, we haven’t got around to actually carving them. I’m thinking if they stay healthy through the next couple weeks, I’d LOVE to carve a Christmas pumpkin!

I have all the stuff to make the caramel apples, I just haven’t been in the mood for them, so (my apologies) but I didn’t want to make apples I wasn’t going to eat just to cross it off my list, I am too cheap lol.

I have tried at many attempts to scare my boyfriend on camera, it just hasn’t worked. I’m not that great at it and as my luck would have it…when I actually scare him good, he’s out of camera shot.

Once I tackle what’s left, I’ll post the final results! And maybe draft up a Winter Bucket List too!